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Learning flyweight chains

Imagine you’re on the moon. You can jump six feet high, spin, glide, and climb as if gravity was barely there!  With flyweight chains, most of your weight is lifted by the chains, meaning that you can experience near-weightlessness. It’s easy to harness in and just have fun, and if you’re more serious, the dance and theatrical possibilities are extensive. Flyweight chains is also almost unique, among aerial apparatus, in that it makes aerials accessible for people with upper body strength limitations.

“I really, really, really like this toy! It’s like having super-powers!”

“I haven’t been able to do aerials for several years due to chronic health problems. But with the flyweight chains, I could do aerials again. It was such a buzz to be able to leap and dance in the air without any strain or difficulty.”

Teaching flyweight chains KiaraTeaching flyweight chains Ryn

Andrea teaches “have-a-go” (15 minutes per person) sessions on flyweight chains, as well as more structured private lessons for students who are interested in developing technique. Students are securely harnessed in, and there is a strong emphasis on safety.

Andrea teaches private lessons in flyweight chains at the Wellington Circus Hub, and is also available to travel to your location to teach. Please see the venue requirements.

Please contact Andrea if you would like to book a lesson, or enquire about a travelling workshop.


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